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This issue of death on campus is getting out of hand, almost every semester a student must die. What is really going on?A very sad news just came in and it's another part 1 student that gave up the ghost. The student whose name is Umoh Emmanuel, a 100 level chemical Engineering student was confirmed dead yesterday by the workers of oauth when he was rushed to oauth beacuse he just slumped all of a sudden when playing with his friends at th training pitch.According to our sources, rumours has it that he died of heart seizure which left many amazed because by 8 am the same day he he concluded his exams and was found smiling with his friends and looking healthy.We hope his family will take heart.RIP Emmanuel Umoh


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Josephine Adebimpe @Josephine

May God comfort the family of Emmanuel in the name of Jesus.

Apr 13, 2017

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